Tracks de Ordesa. Pyrenees

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4 stages / 4 nights


Distancia y desnivel

260km / +7.250m

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Tracks de Ordesa is a MTB route down the Aragonian Pyrenees that will allow you to discover the grounds of the Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido, the oldest natural park in Spain. In the past it was a land of smugglers, full of tracks and trails. Now we can enjoy wonderful landscapes with spectacular views and magical spots, under the the watchful eye and elegant flight of bearded vultures.

Along the route you will visit different towns where you can find many accommodations and services that will allow you to enjoy the hospitality of their citizens and their typical cuisine. Also, at the accommodations with the Bikefriendly quality seal you can benefit from free essential services for all cyclists.

* PRICE: From € 285 per person in A / D regime in double room (minimum group of 4 people)


STAGE 1: Jaca – Biescas

Distancia: 57km Desnivel: +1.800m

We will take off from Jaca, the birthplace of the Kingdom of Aragón and the town with the longest history in the Pyrenees. The route covers abandoned ground trails, which will make our riding slower and more fun in some stretches. Among the pinewoods we will enjoy the silence and relaxation we seek before reaching Biescas.

STAGE 2: Biescas – Broto

Distancia: 48km Desnivel: +1.700m

Today we will enjoy spectacular views of the Pyrenees Mountain Range, overlooked by the iconic French peak of Midi d’Ossau. We cannot miss visiting the small Mozarab-style churches and chapels that mark the route, although the minuscule San Benito Chapel, 2,000 meters high, will no doubt cause the greatest impact.

STAGE 3: Broto – Fiscal

Distancia: 78km Desnivel: +1.950

Huesca is sadly known for being one of the territories with the greatest number of uninhabited villages in Spain. At this stage we will ride past some of them and observe how weeds and vegetation silently swallows them. Down the route of La Solana and its uninhabited villages we will be able to enjoy the silence and even go for a swim below the hanging bridge over the Ara River.

STAGE 4: Fiscal – Jaca

Distancia: 72km Desnivel: +1.800

To wrap up the trip we will enjoy a varied day, visiting more uninhabited villages, rolling down fun tracks and even descending a trial circuit over 1,000 meters long. Tourists almost never visit the forest we will find at the start; our only companions will be cows and sheep. As in the rest of the route, we must be very respectful of our surroundings.

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