Camino de Santiago

Tipo de bicicleta

MTB, Road bike


5 stages / 5 Nights


Distancia y desnivel

333 Km / + 4.528 aprox

Resumen del viaje

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Descripción del viaje

The Camino de Santiago is probably the most famous route in the world.

Walking its paths takes us to a medieval past, to a past linked to Christian culture and faith, but it also takes us to a past of communion between citizens around the world.

The Camino de Santiago, among many other things, has served to unite peoples from time immemorial and that is why making the Camino is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Traveling your paths and trails with our bike is the best way to move into the past and enjoy the culture that overflows the road. Its innumerable towns and villages, with their churches and hermitages, will be the small trophies that we will accumulate over the days and, as we discover ancient ways and soak in the culture of the pilgrim, the path will test us in different scenarios for reward us later with beautiful postcards that will be engraved in our memory.

The pilgrim’s credential will be the witness of our journey and will be our traveling companion until we reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

The Camino de Santiago is not just a cycling route, it is traveling, which is why at Bikefriendly we want you to enjoy it with your group on a tailor-made trip.

With options of all kinds to stay during the route, we have different routes to choose from, different starting points and even cycling days.

Tell us what kind of trip you want and we will take care of the rest. All you have to think about is having your camera on hand to capture a centuries-old journey taken by people from all over the world. Are you willing to go on a bike ride with us? Are you ready to be a Bikefriendly Pilgrim?

*We organize the Camino de Santiago tailor-made for groups of 6 people.


Prices calculated per person in a double room with bed and breakfast

Paradores option —- FROM € 795

Option Charming Hotels and Houses —- FROM 550 €

Option Hostels and Pensions —- FROM 440 €

Private Hostels Option — FROM 280 €



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