Solidarity Trip to Kenya

Safaris, savannahs, snow-capped equatorial mountains, palm trees caressing the Indian Ocean and colorful and welcoming villages

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11 days


Low Level Sports

Distance and slope

4 days of bike route, Safari (optional) and Snorkeling

Trip Summary

Do you want to know different solidarity projects in Kenya?

We will visit an NGO in Nairobi where we will see first-hand an orphanage where children who have been abandoned by their families live and receive free education.

We will also visit a shelter for girls located in the Rift Valley between 2 and 15 years old in vulnerable situations.

And finally, we will learn first-hand about a solidarity project to rescue sea turtles in Mida Creek, one of the most important mangrove ecosystems in the world.

A first trip for between 10 and 15 people that we will never forget. A first edition among friends and family that we are sure will mark our lives.

Can you come with us?

Date and availability

July 2025
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For closed groups

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Trip description

The first things that come to mind when thinking about Kenya are lions, giraffes and leopards. However, this beautiful country has much more to offer. With 40 reserves and national parks, Kenya features almost every landscape you can imagine. Safaris, savannahs, snow-capped equatorial mountains, palm trees caressing the Indian Ocean and colorful and welcoming villages. And orange sunsets that remain etched on the retina.

The Republic of Kenya, whose capital is Nairobi, is located in East Africa, and its name derives from Mount Kenya, which is the second highest mountain on the entire African continent.


Given the requests for a reduction in the price of the trip from travelers who had already done a Safari in Africa, we have decided to leave the two-day Safari activity as optional.

Travelers who have chosen the NO Safari option:  “They will be “free” in Nairobi on the morning of day 6 (of the trip) and we will meet them again on day 8 (of the trip) in Watamu on the coast of Kenya, to continue the trip with the rest of the group. 

Travelers who decide to do the Sarafi:  They will continue with us on days 6 and 7 (see trip itinerary)



Karibu Kenya

The coordinator will meet and welcome you at the Nairobi airport.

Bus Routes to our hotel and rest. The hotel is a property located in the Ngong Mountains (same as the house in the Out of Africa movie) and is exclusive property of the orphanage we collaborate with in Nairobi. They use the hotel to reinvest the profits in the orphanage and thus cover part of the children's expenses and also provide the opportunity for their empowerment and insertion into the labor market.

Depending on schedules, dinner will be on the plane or upon arrival at the accommodation. We will sleep in single or shared rooms (maximum triple).


28,16 Km



Nairobi solidarity project

After breakfast, we will accompany you to do formalities such as changing money, buying a phone card for whoever needs it, etc.

Guided tour of our solidarity project in Soweto (Nairobi). This NGO, which was founded more than 20 years ago, offers a place to live and free education to minors who have been abandoned by their families, or who due to circumstances cannot take care of them for a period of time. It is a large project that has several centers throughout the country.

In the afternoon, we will take a bike ride or walk through the Karura Forest, located in Nairobi.


55 km (option B: Swahili cooking workshop)


598m (option B: Swahili cooking workshop)

Solidarity project & Swahili cooking workshop

Introduction to our solidarity project of Ngong.

Today we will spend the day in our girls' shelter located in the heart of the Rift Valley, very close to the city of Ngong. Currently they are in charge of about thirty girls between the ages of approximately 2 and 15. who have gone through situations of vulnerability.

Swahili cooking workshop: In this workshop they will explain the different ethnic groups that exist in Kenya, its great cultural diversity and they will share first-hand Maasai practices and traditions. In addition, we will learn to cook delicious Swahili recipes such as chapatis or mandazis.

Bike route option for those who do not want to take the cooking workshop


To evaluate


To evaluate

Rift Valley Bike Route & Karen Blixen House

Rift Valley Bike Route

In the morning, we will take a bike route through the Rift Valley. The level of the trip can be adapted to the physical shape of the group.

Visit to Karen Blixen's house

The Karen Blixen Museum, located “at the foot of the Ngong Hills,” is the former African home of Danish author Karen Blixen, famous for her 1937 book “Out of Africa,” which chronicles life on the farm and from which he made the famous and Oscar-winning movie "Memories of Africa". Lunch at the museum (not included) and then visit to the museum (entrance included)


To evaluate


To evaluate

Route through Swara Plains Wildlife Sanctuary

After breakfast, departure to Swara Plains Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to a population of over 3000 animals and over 280 identified bird species. We will ride our bikes alongside herds of zebras, giraffes, ostriches, wildebeest, etc. The antelope (Swara in Swahili) own this place, so let's mix you in among the agile brown “athletes” of the plains. Fortunately, there are no carnivores :)

The bike route can be adapted to the level of the group, it can vary between 2 to 5 hours (15 to 45 km).





Safari in Tsavo Park (OPTIONAL)

We will leave in the morning to take a train to Voi (what was the lunatic train). Upon arrival we will visit the largest national park in kenya with 22.000 km2. Its landscapes are among the most impressive in the country and it is famous for its red clay soil. It concentrates a wide variety of wildlife, mainly elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes and lions.

We will sleep in a hotel within the National Park that has a pond where you can see the animals go to drink.





Tsavo Park (OPTIONAL)

We will leave very soon to continue with the safari with the aim of seeing the sunrise and seeing the animals when they are most active.

We will return to the accommodation and we can watch the animals that approach the hotel or take a dip in the pool.


We will leave soon to make the last Game Drive towards the exit of the park and on the way to Sweets. We will arrive in Watamu around 13:00 p.m. This interesting town is located on the coast, it is famous for its Marine National Park.

Upon arrival we can enjoy the white sand beaches. We will settle into the accommodation and have time to go out to eat and relax (food not included).

At night, we can go see the sunset to a magical place where you can have dinner or a drink.

Watamu Marine Park and Marafa Hells Kitchen

After breakfast, we will leave soon by boat to do snorkel in its crystalline waters. In its reefs, you can see fish of all colors and with a little luck, turtles or dolphins. We will return to the accommodation to shower and in the meantime, a local cook will prepare a delicious typical meal for us.

In the afternoon, we will go north of Malindi to see a mini sandstone canyon called Marafa Hells Kitchen. The pastel colors of the sandstone layers reveal deep whites, pinks, oranges and crimsons, making the gorge incredibly beautiful at sunset. We will share one of those sunsets that are not forgotten ;)

Mida Creek & Turtle Solidarity Project

In the morning we will leave for Mida Creek which is one of the mangrove ecosystems Most important in the world. It is also an international bird area and forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

We will sail in a traditional wooden boat (as long as the tide allows it) or we will walk around the area. At noon we will go to a solidarity sea turtle rescue project where we will take a guided tour and they will explain to us the excellent work they do in the conservation of marine fauna. If we are lucky we will be able to see the release of some.


Asante healthy Kenya :)

In the morning, we will have breakfast at the accommodation and, depending on the flight time, we can take a walk on the beach or take advantage of shopping or whatever each person wants.

Included services


We will sleep in single or shared rooms (maximum triple) / Nights in Watamu +25€ single room


All breakfasts are included


Picnic lunch on days 5 and 6

Transfers on local buses

Transfer from the airport to Nairobi.


Días 1-2-3-4-5


9 10 days and


Bikefriendly staff and staff from the NGO Tumaini

Visits to Solidarity Projects

Guided tours by Tumaini staff and local officials

Bike rental and guide

Local bike rental


Karen Blixen's House


Animal Sanctuary: Swara Plains Wildlife Sanctuary


By boat

Bikefriendly donation

For each person registered, Bikefriendly contributes €100 to the NGO Tumaini for its projects in Kenya.

Not included


Round trip to Nairobi / Return Malindi-Nairobi-home


Days: 8 - 9 - 10 -11


Except picnic meals on days 5-6 and 7


You must go to the nearest vaccination center



Medical and cancellation insurance (Mandatory)


That are not mineral water


Train from Nairobi to the Park + Visit to Tsavo Park + 2 nights accommodation with breakfast + picnic day 7 + dinner days 6 and 7

Internal flight

From Malindi on the Kenyan coast to Nairobi (€80 approx)



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