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We are a team of bike lovers that have been working for three intense years to develop a basic quality service in many of the tourist accommodations of our country. Bikefriendly was originally created as a quality seal for hotels, now it is a Travel Agency and … finally it has become a club!

FREE club for people from 5 to 100 years old, where the essential requirement  is to know how to ride a bike and enjoy life by cycling.

As a member of the Club, we offer you many deals on Bikefriendly tours, discounts on a variety of products, a calendar of events, meetups in different parts of the country, and many more activities that we are sure that you’ll love.

We like the bike and everything that surrounds it. Therefore, the aim of the club is to offer our partners endless options of different offers within the world of cycling.


Proposals specially designed for you

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    Deals on many Bikefriendly tours

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    Contests and gifts

    During the year we will be organizing plenty of competitions through our social networks where you can get: Bikefriendly hotel stays, T-shirts, flat rates of BF tracks, …
    Contests are always focused on improving the quality of Bikefriendly services and the generation of new tracks and tours designed by and for the cyclist.
    Follow us on Social Media and give us your feedback to improve in a funny and friendly manner!

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    Personalized your trip without extra charge

    From the Bikefriendly Agency, we design all kinds of tours keeping in mind the different cyclist´s profiles. Family tours, road tours, mountain routes… endless interesting possibilities with Bikefriendly accommodations and high quality treatment and services, turning trips into amazing experiences. If you are a member of our club and want to make your own customized trip, do not hesitate to contact us and we will recommend you the best routes, accommodations and companies in the area that you want to visit.
    And … if it is yet not clear which area best suits your way of traveling, we can help you choose it!


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2 nights in a doble room in this cozy hotel in Pyrenees 15% Off
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To create a great community of bike lovers who will work to be able to better the services related to cycling.We also work on improving quality and offering better prices on many of those services.

Joy and kindness. There are no fees. All we ask is the participation of members in activities, hangouts, reviews, … for the improving and good functioning of the Club.

In the Aragonese Pyrenees, a small mountain village very close to Jaca. An idyllic environment in where we will be happy to host you some day if the mood strikes you to pedal up north.

Through the Bikefriendly web: info@bikefriendly.es

From the moment you know how to pedal, even with training wheels, you’re ready to be part of the club.

We love children and we also work to recommend the best family routes, various activities, and gifts for mom and dad.

Contact us by phone or email indicating that you are a member, and we will apply discounts on the products/ tours that you want to purchase.


We would like to know about your opinions, preferences, your experiences, tours, concerns … If you are part of our club, it is because you are also Bikefriendly and that makes us friends. Recommend us the best routes!

And if you want to organize any hangout with people in your area, please let us know and we’ll help you meet Bikefriendly friends near you.